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Happy Tails from Animal Harbor

We love our Sissy and Saffy so much! Growing like weeds! –  Kassi Barr (posted on Facebook 3-12-17)

Posted 6 weeks ago

We adopted Nell in August 2016. (She was Inej there.) She took to her new name well since it was similar. It was hard to choose just one picture to send. She is quite the character and loves to sleep with her head covered up as in the picture. We find her like that every morning. Of course she loves sleeping in the  bed with mom and Dad! She has adjusted well to her sister, a mountain cur (Greta) and is no longer jealous when Greta gets lovin because she has learned she will have her turn - and lots of it of course. She loves to spend quite awhile every night before bedtime adjusting her blanket (well mom and dads blanket) exactly to her liking. She gets very offended if you laugh at this! Her quirky personality keeps us laughing every day! She is quite the blessing.

The Goodmans (submitted 3-8-17)

Posted 7 weeks ago

Mister Micky was adopted from Animal Harbor on Dec. 4, 2004 at four months old. He’s a happy, playful 12 year old now. – Virginia Sloan (submitted 3-6-17)

Posted 7 weeks ago

Dixie, aka Rosette tired after a long hike! –  ‎Angie Loyer (posted on Facebook 2-24-17)

Posted 7 weeks ago

Bud and Chase doing homework and watching minecraft on the tablet – Jamie Collins (posted on Facebook 2-17-17)

Posted 7 weeks ago

Mosley, AKA Tib, is enjoying his new home. He is so sweet and has made fast friends with our dog and 2 other cats – Kim Hart 1-6-17

Posted 15 weeks ago

Joy is settling in very well. She will not wear a Santa hat however. Here is a picture :) I’m glad I met my furbaby and was able to adopt rather than purchasing a puppy from a breeder. Have a Merry Christmas!– Chris Young 12-22-16

Posted 18 weeks ago

Merry Pigmas from Spike (formerly Ed) –  ‎Steph Bottum  (posted on Facebook 12-5-16)

Posted 20 weeks ago

I wanted to share a pic of our Butch (aka Paul). He is getting lots of love this holiday season. ❤🐕❤He will be a year old this December!! –  Jessica Nicole Bergman (posted on Facebook 11-28-16)

Posted 21 weeks ago

We love little Patches! And he loves his bunny… –  Carol Chandler (posted on Facebook 11-10-16)

Posted 23 weeks ago