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June Newsletter- Adopt a Shelter Cat Month and more...

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Pets of the Month

Meet our lovable, adoptable buddies here at the shelter.  Visit us to meet other great dogs and cats as well.

Chase, a 1.5-year-old black and white pit mix with a huge personality, has had a challenging life due to being displaced multiple times, yet he still has a sweet demeanor and he loves people. He also loves to play ball and is treat motivated. He knows some simple commands, and we feel he will be trainable given his desire to please. Chase would do well in a high energy family willing to train and interact with him heavily. He is also dog friendly, but may be too high energy for a cat. He is fully vaccinated, neutered, heartworm negative, and microchipped. Come meet and play with Chase -- we are sure you will fall in love with him. 

Cayenne, named after her coat pattern and spicy personality, is a one-year-old tortoiseshell cat with stunning golden eyes. Cayenne is a small cat, but don’t let her small size fool you! She has a big personality and loves to be shown affection. Cayenne loves to set out on the cat patio and perch up on the high shelves and watch people coming into and out of the shelter. Cayenne says she is dreaming of finding her forever home once and for all! She is FEV/FeLV negative, up to date on vaccinations, spayed, and microchipped-- all ready to go into her forever home where she can be the center of attention.

View all of our adoptable pets

Adoption Success Story of the Month: Jack Puppies and kittens grow up!

Jack initially had a short stay at Animal Harbor as a cute and cuddly young pup. He was quickly adopted and went to a home here he thought he would live forever. Four short months later, Jack was growing up, and as he was not gently trained to limit his puppy antics, he was brought back to the shelter.  Sadly, no longer a puppy, Jack’s second stay lasted six months and was much longer and lonelier. He displayed kennel aggression and fear, so our volunteer trainer, Sara Graham worked one-on-one with Jack to build his confidence, and taught us that those aggressive tendencies were just a facade for a frightened, timid dog.  Fast forward, and someone fell in love with Jack, his insecurities, and “baggage”! Did I mention -- he went to a home with a dog brother that he adores? We could not be prouder of Jack’s success story. It is especially sweet to move through the bad and emerge on the other side. That was surely the case with Jack!

Kittens are not brought back to the shelter as often as puppies, possibly because they do not require the same rigorous training. However, cats are often returned due to a move, or because the owner suddenly “does not have time” for the animal. That was the case for newly returned Precious. She is now waiting for a home where she will be cherished forever by people with lots of time for love. We try our absolute best at Animal Harbor to provide excellent care for our animals during their stay here, but remember, we are a shelter, and shelter environments are often scary, stressful, and overstimulating for many animals. Please exhaust all options before deciding to take your pet to a shelter. They all have a basic desire to be in a loving home. We do want to point out that if at any time an adopter feels they can no longer adequately care for the pet they adopted from us, they are required and bound by contract to return the pet to us, and agree not to rehome Animal Harbor pets on their own.  We will always be a safe haven for our resident or alumni pets.

What’s NEW at the Harbor (Kittens and Puppies, Oh my….)

Chaquida is our newest kitty mom. She was a stray, and was VERY pregnant! It was originally thought that she would have her babies within two weeks, but it took her much longer. Daily the staff was on pins and needles, anxiously awaiting her delivery. Finally, on June 4, she gave birth to four precious babies, but sadly lost one that had severely deformed hind legs. Forrest, Dan Taylor, and Rebecca (Forrest Gump characters) are thriving, and mom couldn’t be happier, for she constantly kneads her paws, shows affection, and tends to her babies.

The newest litter of puppies came in as an emergency situation. Midtown Veterinary Clinic staff member, Angela Mannes, came to their rescue when a Good Samaritan said she witnessed them being thrown out of a moving vehicle. Midtown was able to keep them overnight and tended to their needs until we could arrange to take them, picking countless ticks off of the five small pups. Upon arrival, they were incredibly frightened and full of intestinal parasites. After just one week, they are gaining confidence, playing in their kennel, and finally feeling safe and protected. Our volunteer Tina Philpott named the pups after the children in “The Sound of Music.” She said these little guys should be named after the charming characters of that upbeat story of dedication and triumph. It is our hope that Brigitta, Gretl, Liesl, Kurt, and Fredrick find the best homes imaginable after the neglect they endured at such a young age.

My Heart Belongs to Daddy!

Celebrate Father's Day by being a "dad" and sponsoring one of our "babies" here at the shelter. For $45 you can provide food and health care for an abandoned pet, to ensure that it has the best chance of finding a new home. Here's how: Come in and walk a dog or play with a cat, donate, and have your picture taken for our My Heart Belongs to Daddy post on Facebook!  Watch for an email, or go to our FB page starting this Friday to see how you can be an Online Dad, and choose your baby from the featured pets.   Happy Father’s Day!