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February 2020 Headlines

Harbor Headlines February 2020 "Saving Lives, Four Paws at a Time"

UPCOMING EVENTS See what's happening this month.



VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT Meet this month's featured Harbor Hero: Tina Philpott Tina is an avid cat lover and makes an excellent phone/front office volunteer. She answers all questions with a kind, gentle, and understanding tone. She is fully committed to her work at the shelter, coming in twice weekly to jump in wherever she is needed, while never missing the chance to snuggle with a kitty!



Meet Our Pets of the Month More info on our star pets can be seen here. 📷 📷 📷

MONTHLY INSPIRATION Get inspired with this month's successful adoption story.


Diamond is no longer just a "diamond in the rough". Her name entails her triumphant rise to the top where she shines!


Success of 2019 Brings "20-20" Vision 2019 was a great year for the animals of Animal Harbor!

📷📷 📷📷 2019 brought a multitude of adoption success stories. We were able to vet and re-home 242 shelter animals, while also assisting in the transportation of over 500 animals in the care of Franklin County Animal Control to northern rescue organizations. To add, 200 additional animals were spayed/neutered through our low income spay-neuter program (SNAP). With 20-20 vision, the staff couldn't be prouder to step up to the plate and change even more lives (animal and human) in the year 2020. Being named Franklin County's Finest non-profit for the year 2020 is such an honor to us, and we have every intention to maintain a positive presence and be of service to our community this year and beyond! 📷 📷

📷📷 📷📷 Animal Harbor Alum, Becca with owner Anne Bagby participating in Basic Obedience Training at Wags and Wiggles. DID YOU KNOW? 96% of all Dogs Entering into Shelters Have Had ZERO Basic Obedience Training Let us help you find the resources you need to properly train your pooch. There are many local options, and we are happy to lead you in the right direction to assure your pup gets off to a great start in the year 2020. We want to help pet owners keep their pets in their homes, and out of the shelter. May we suggest our "pawsome" pals over at Wags and Wiggles and K9 Training 101? 📷 📷📷 📷📷 View our 2019 Highlight Reel Here! 📷 In 2019, energetic spaniel mix, Gizmo, that Animal Harbor was told was "too much to handle" for his first family was transported to the New England Brittany Rescue in Maine. It was there that a passionate adopter that knew the breed and was invested in his energy demands successfully adopted him. 📷


We want to celebrate our 2019 successes and send a huge shout out of thanks to Kevin Brislin with deep kimchee for making our 2019 highlight reel spectacular. Along with the video, he also produced the original music featured in the video. Here is the inside scoop on Kevin, highlighting his passion for animals and music production. Emily Holland (Shelter Manager)- How and why did you get involved with Animal Harbor? Kevin Brislin (deep kimchee Producer)- When we moved here in August 2018, my wife and I had decided to volunteer our time to a local charity that we believe in, and anything to do with animal care is something to get behind. Emily- How many and what kind of pets do you own? Kevin- We have three dogs (all rescues- a dachshund, a Jack Russell mix, and our first TN dog Sadie, who came crying up to me right on our street after we had only been here a month.) We rescued our cat Luna from Dr. Prince when she went to his door crying for help. And we have a bearded dragon, Amber, who was given to us by someone who just didn’t want her anymore. All about rescues here. Emily- What was the driving force and motivation behind creating the end of the year recap video for Animal Harbor? Kevin- Being a retired video production and music teacher, I’m always looking for ways to keep my hand in both areas. Being able to animate still photos and using the aesthetics I taught for so many years is motivating enough, but being able to use those skills to help my favorite charity is really rewarding. Emily- How did you "dream up" the music behind the video? Kevin- that’s always the tricky part. I did three compositions for the video; two were piano works that I “constructed” using loops of piano phrases, and the last one was me playing guitar. I needed all the music to be original so Animal Harbor could use the video anywhere they wanted and not worry about copyright infringement. Emily- What do you want us to know about deep kimchee Productions? Kevin- I handle video, audio, and photographic assignments. I have a small recording studio for music and post-production audio. I play guitar, keyboards, drums, percussion, recorder, and I sing. I am releasing my sixth CD soon under my group Moniker, entitled- “Now That They’re Here”. I love working in any creative situation!


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