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November Newsletter

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

The Pet Gazette News from Animal Harbor November 1, 2019

The North Wind is calling, is calling, And we must whirl round and round, And then, when our dancing is ended, We'll make a warm quilt for the ground. from "The Leaves," Anonymous



Pets of the Month

Skye Marie and Evalis are two hound mix puppies that were dumped at Sewanee Natural Bridge. Luckily, a sweet couple stumbled across them on a hike and reached out to us for help. At the time, we were fortunate to have a single kennel available. Since being with us at the shelter, we have discovered these two sisters are the most loving, sweet, and friendly puppies you will ever meet. We feel they deserve the absolute best life after being tossed away. Both Skye Marie and Evalis are up to date on vaccinations, spayed, and microchipped. Will your home be their forever home? Will you rescue them from the shelter and provide a loving place for them to live out the rest of their puppy months and beyond?

Ma ChĂ©rie is a five-month-old medium haired black and white kitten with a zest for life. Ma ChĂ©rie’s young life started out with definite challenges. She was found underneath a car hood trapped in the motor! The resulting injury required a back leg amputation which Town and Country Veterinary Hospital graciously provided to give this sweet kitten a second chance at life. Now it is Animal Harbor’s turn to help find a forever home for Ma ChĂ©rie. Ma ChĂ©rie spent her first two months in isolation to assure that she healed successfully. During this time, she became best friends with orphaned Phoenix, who played with her in her kennel under supervision. Each day Ma ChĂ©rie looked forward to her playdates with Phoenix, and you would never believe this spunky kitten was missing a leg.

Fast forward to the present -- Ma ChĂ©rie is doing great in the kitten community room, and patiently awaiting the perfect human to come in and take her to a loving home! Her best bud, pretty Phoenix, would love to be a part of a “package” deal so they could go home together! Ma ChĂ©rie and Phoenix are up to date on vaccinations, FIV/FeLV negative, and spayed and microchipped. Come meet these lovely ladies and let them sweep you off your feet with their loving presence.

View all of our adoptable pets

Angel Fest a Rousing Success!

On October 4th, crowds gathered in Sewanee for the annual Angel Fest. Sponsored by the Sewanee Business Alliance and Joseph’s Remoldeling Solutions, the event benefits Housing Sewanee (Sewanee’s version of Habitat for Humanity) and Angel Park. Joseph’s Team pitched in to make it a success, and a success it was! Animal Harbor was there handing out literature, Low-Income Spay/Neuter information, and tickets for free face paintings. Children chose a dog or cat question to answer, and came out of the Lemon Fair with beautiful face art painted by Alyssa Sumpter, Julia Sumpter, and Autumn Welch.

Three cool cats modeling cat T’s and whimsical whiskers!

Adopt a Senior Pet Month - Meet Estelle

My story started out OH so great. My family got me as a puppy and loved me and “ate me up.” I gave them all the best years of my life, but before I knew it, I grew old. My black shiny coat was now dull and not so lustrous, and my hair started coming out. Even though I knew I was not the pick of the litter anymore, so to speak, I still felt they would love me, for I loved them dearly for my entire life. I was SO wrong. I found myself at Animal Control. My family told a long story of how I had cancer, and that they did not have the money to have me put to sleep or even pay the $10 owner surrender fee. They were moving, and they did not want to take me with them. I found myself in a very dark kennel at Animal Control not understanding why I was there.  My euthanasia date was set for Monday, October 14th, to take place at Animal Control. On Thursday October.10th, it just so happened three women walked into Animal Control from Animal Harbor. They had come to see if they could help one of the dogs there. As they came my way I could see them, but unfortunately I could not hear them. They stood for a moment, and seemed to be deep in conversation. They were there for just a few moments before they walked off. I just laid my head down and off to sleep I went. Little did I know the conversation that happened was one of hope- that just maybe my last day on this earth would be something wonderful. For these three sweet ladies wanted to make sure that I had someone to comfort and respect me while I drew my last breath. After a bit, one of the kennel attendants at Animal Control came and placed me in the dog box. Unsure of where I was going, I quietly rode along, when all a sudden the truck stopped. A few moments later the tailgate dropped, and much to my surprise I saw two of the three ladies who were at Animal Control a few hours earlier.  As the Animal Harbor Adoption Coordinator and Animal Harbor Intake Coordinator looked me over, I could tell that once again they were talking about me. It was another “little did I know” moment for me! Mrs. Kattie just could not help but feel that there was a glimmer of hope that I did not have cancer. As she spoke to Animal Harbor’s Shelter Manager, Emily Holland, they were even more convinced that there was hope. The appointment scheduled for my euthanization at 3:40 pm on October 10th was changed to a physical exam! This is all because three little women just would not accept the diagnosis given. Fast forward to my appointment, the three ladies patiently, yet anxiously waited with me in the exam room. Dr. Elise Prince came in and looked me over. Listening to my heart she smiled and said, "Heart sounds good ". She started to perform my physical, and said my awful skin condition could be due to allergies. She would also do x-rays to help rule out cancer. Not surprising to me, upon further investigation they found nothing wrong on the x-ray!   What they did find were two small mammary tumors. The doctor explained to the women that this is not a death sentence, and the small tumors could be removed easily to stop any progression of potential cancer. My skin condition would need immediate attention with an allergy shot and several medications, along with medicated bathing. And boy was the feeling after that first bath amazing!  I am thankful for the people at Animal Control who took me in, for if they weren’t there, then there is no telling where I would be. And a big thank you to those three ladies who decided that the diagnosis could be wrong, that every life matters, and that little ol’ me deserved a second chance. Those young ladies stepped up, decided to take me under their wings, and give me back my golden years. The best is yet to come! Sending positive vibes, prayers, and love my way is very welcome. Yours truly, The sweet, gentle, and aged pup, Estelle

The Healing Power of Max and Alex

Being avid cat lovers, Ronnie and Lisa have always had a crew of cats ruling the roost at their home. Every cat that has graced their home has either been a stray or a cat from Animal Harbor. In fact, Ronnie was the first proud adopter at the new shelter facility in 2014, adopting a gorgeous, loving brown tabby, Tiger! Their love for rescue cats is so strong that Lisa and Ronnie nursed and spoiled feline aids positive cat Whiskers for many years until he succumbed to the awful disease.  Unfortunately in the fall of 2018, the Prince’s world was completely shaken. Tiger unexpectedly passed from poisoning, and Ronnie was diagnosed with the blood cancer Multiple myeloma. While unsure of their future, they never doubted that a new cat would bring emotional and physical healing into their home. Luckily for Max and Alex, they thought two kittens would bring double the fun and healing! Ronnie’s cancer journey was not easy, but having the two rescue cats in the home, made coping with all the suffering a little easier. Fast forward one year and we are so happy to report that Ronnie is in remission, and Max and Alex are growing up in the most loving home you could ever imagine!  


November 3-9 is a time to celebrate animal shelters all over the country and applaud the work they do to rescue and rehome companion animals. Bringing together the right person and the right pet is only one of the many things that shelters do every day. Medical treatment, food, emotional rehabilitation, and community education add meaning to the mission and help ensure that healthy pets are available for adoption. Honor your local shelter by dropping off supplies, treats, and bedding, or by investing in the continuing stability of the organization through a monetary gift that honors the pet in your life.

This is the difference that your investment in Animal Harbor can make in the life of an abandoned or abused animal.


Probably the number one concern for pets during the fall and winter is Antifreeze. If it is leaked or spills on the ground, your pet is in danger of kidney failure and death. The sweet taste and odor of ethylene glycol is attractive to many animals. Antifreeze which uses propylene glycol is less toxic but still should be kept out of reach, and both kinds mopped up immediately if spilled. Warning signs include vomiting, stumbling, depression, tremors, and twitching muscles and eyes. If treated promptly, pets can recover. Keep all antifreeze and paint well capped and locked up. Christmas snow globes contain ethylene glycol, so keep them away from playful cats and pups!

A broken snow globe could kill your cat.

Did you know?

This year a survey indicated that around 29 million people plan to dress up their pets in Halloween costumes. Nothing was said about matching outfits... Chocolate candy in your child’s Trick or Treat bag can be deadly to your pets. Ghost Faced bats love to be together and throw slumber parties that include  upwards of half a million other bats just “hangin’ around.” Black cats were nearly exterminated during the Black Plague because of their supposed association with witches. That backfired on the populace however, as there were  no mousers left to deal with rats carrying the plague-ridden fleas, and 60% of the population died. On Dartmoor, a Richard Cabell was said to have sold his soul to the Devil. When he died in 1677, ghostly black hounds were seen around his burial place. This tale inspired Arthur Conan Doyle to write The Hound of the Baskervilles.


Don’t forget to set your clocks back before going to bed on Saturday, November 2nd.


ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL Holidays to share with your friends. NOVEMBER    Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month (ASPCA) Pet Cancer Awareness Month and Pet Diabetes Month 11/03-09/19   National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week (HSUS)      11/17/19     National Black Cat Day      11/28/19     National Dog Show (Kennel Club of Philadelphia)

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