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September Newsletter

The Pet Gazette News from Animal Harbor September 2019






Pets of the Month

📷📷📷📷 Ruffian is a twelve-week-old calico kitten with unique markings and a cute personality. Named in memory after the Hall of Fame Champion racehorse Ruffian, she is sure to make a huge impact on her adopter’s life. She is a curious, playful kitty that has a strong purr and enjoys the affections of humans. She loves to vie for attention, and we think she will make an amazing family companion. She is up to date on vaccinations, FIV/FeLV negative, and awaiting her spay and microchip procedure when she becomes old enough. Ruffian is ready to go into our Foster to Adopt program. Ask us how you can start the process of adoption for this precious kitten today!

📷📷📷📷 Norway is a three-year-old small breed mix that desires to be out of the shelter quick and in a hurry! He is not enjoying the stress of the shelter and just wants to be on a couch with his forever “hooman”. Norway has recently been given his vaccines and cleared of heartworm disease and is patiently awaiting his neuter, so he can go into a new home with a fresh start. Norway has a secret just between you and him. He says, “I won’t check your bank account, pedigree, or your credit score”. I’m only interested in one thing about you: the size of your heart. And...if there is room for a scruffy dog named Norway, then it is just the right size for me! Speaking of size, I think I am also the perfect size for a lap buddy to lay by your side for years to come!”


Help Animal Harbor’s Holiday Wishes Come True with $100K from the Petco Foundation

Adopters are invited to share how their pet brightens their life for a chance to help Animal Harbor win up to a $100,000 grant award  Pets brighten our lives. The Petco Foundation, in partnership with BOBS from Skechers, is giving us a way to brighten theirs this upcoming holiday season by granting more than $750,000 to qualified animal welfare organizations across the country. Anyone who has adopted a pet from Animal Harbor is invited to submit a story of how their adopted pet brightens their life to help give Animal Harbor the opportunity to receive up to a $100,000 grand prize grant award. Finalist awards will also be given ranging from $5,000 to $50,000, and adopters with winning submissions will receive up to a $1,000 Petco shopping spree to pamper their pets and BOBS from Skechers shoes for themselves. “We’re asking anyone who has adopted a pet from Animal Harbor to help us earn a grant this holiday season from the Petco Foundation by sharing their story,”. “You can help our holiday wishes come true by simply sharing how your pet brightens your life each and every day.” Starting now adopters can submit a story. Stories should highlight how pets brighten their adopter’s lives, in big and small ways, and should celebrate the love of their pet. Submissions must include photos to illustrate the story and can include video as well. Adopters should contact Animal Harbor for the organization’s point of contact, email and phone number to include in their submission. Adopters are also encouraged to visit the Petco Foundation Holiday Wishes webpage for more information, to read stories from previous winners, and to complete their submission.  The deadline to submit a story is Monday, September 23, 2019, at noon CST. Winners will be announced during the holiday season. For a full list of prizes and for submission FAQs, visit Since 2013, nearly $4 million in Holiday Wishes grants have been awarded to help make the holidays brighter for pets in need during the holiday season and year-round. For more information, visit and join the conversation on social media using #HolidayWishes and #BrighterTogether.


AH Staff Attend ACAT Conference

📷📷📷📷 On August 5-6, shelter manager Emily Holland and adoption coordinator Kattie Lefevers traveled to Knoxville, TN to the Tennessee Animal Care and Control Conference sponsored by ACCAT (Animal Care and Control Association of Tennessee), CAIT (Companion Animal Initiative of Tennessee) and the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. This annual educational conference gave Animal Harbor an opportunity to learn, network, and discover new methods, tools, and services for improving their ability to help animals, and operate our hometown shelter more effectively. The conference featured speakers from leading animal welfare organizations and vet programs such as ASPCA, Alley Cat Allies, Animal Farm Foundation, Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency, Emancipet, and Metro Animal Care and Control. Focused topics included recent scientific findings regarding problems related to animal sheltering, shelter animal quality of life, shelter medicine, feline upper respiratory infection, canine heartworm treatment, animal behavior, and proper animal handling.   Animal Harbor staff was able to bring home a wealth of information, tips, and tools to improve animal welfare while animals are being housed at the Harbor. “Reducing fear and anxiety and improving the quality of life of our animals is always our top priority at Animal Harbor,” says shelter manager Emily Holland, “and we have the power to make small changes that make a profound impact on the animals that we care for daily.” This conference gave us insight and tools to implement and help create an even better environment for the precious souls we house at Animal Harbor.

Jersey Finds a Home in Tennessee

📷📷📷📷 Adopter Jaclynne Curtis wrote to us to say, "The adoption process was wonderful and super easy. We felt very comfortable with the staff at the Animal Harbor and instead of us going to "Shop" for a dog, the staff asked us a few questions and found a perfect match for our family! After a small amount of paperwork, we had the opportunity to foster Jersey to ensure that she would thrive in our home amongst our children and other dog. Animal Harbor continued to check on Jersey weekly and maintained her shots and spaying . After she was cleared by the veterinarian, we completed the adoption process and brought her home permanently! It was a breeze and very affordable!"

📷📷📷📷 "Our family was so touched by the way the staff at the Animal Harbor treated all of the animals as if they were their own. The facility was very clean and inviting. We have decided that if we should ever add another furry family member to our growing brood, Animal Harbor will be the place to go! Since our adoption of Jersey, we have referred 2 families to the Harbor and one of them actually adopted a little guy named Oakley AKA Waylon! It was a wonderful experience, and showed my children that volunteering for a good cause is often very rewarding! Thank you all so much for the experience. Our family is forever grateful to you all!"

We love you, Suzy Q!

📷📷📷📷 In July, Danny and I lost our "Beautiful Anna" to pancreatitis. We were devastated and deep in grief over her. After a few weeks of loneliness I noticed that Animal Harbor had a beautiful Calico/Torty and we felt like, maybe, we were ready for someone new. Since our Anna had come from Animal Harbor, we went to visit, but that kitty was not suitable for us because she didn't like dogs. Our geriatric dog, Molly, loves everyone and everything, so that wouldn't work. We got a fine reference from our veterinarian, so we qualified for a pet and were asked if we would consider a special needs animal. That's when we met Suzy Q. - a gorgeous white/calico long haired young lady. We agreed to foster her for two weeks, but as soon as we let her out of the crate at home, we knew she was never going back into a cage. Suzy had been diagnosed with a B12 deficiency and severe gastrointestinal problems. She was on a special diet and we agreed to attempt to manage the situation. She has quickly adjusted to her new environment and is tolerating sensitive stomach food with no problem. Suzy Q is a marvelous, playful companion that is filling a huge void in our lives. We are providing her a loving home and she is keeping our home filled with laughter and activity.  If you're considering adopting a new family member, please consider a special needs pet. They just may be able to provide you with exactly what you need. Thank you to the crew at Animal Harbor, for taking such great care of our "Suzy!”  -- Peggy Glassco

Lovable Differences

📷📷📷📷 September 1st was Ginger Cat Appreciation Day. Often known as Orange Tabbies, they are properly called Red Tabbies, and anyone who has ever lived with one knows they are “top cats.” About 80% are male, exceedingly affectionate, lap cats, but sometimes bossy of other feline housemates. You won’t be bored or feel unloved if you have one. For The Ginger and the Baby:

📷📷📷📷 September 8th was National Hug Your Hound Day. Hounds have a keen sense of smell, stamina over long distances, and a soulful bay that conjures up lonely moonlit nights. Hounds are friendly, loyal, genuinely curious companions, and are better than a Fitbit for keeping you in shape. For Hilarious Hounds:

September is Happy Cat Month!

📷📷📷📷 Brought to us by the CATalyst Council, September has named Happy Cat Month to spread education and awareness about “the health, welfare, and importance of companion cats.” The Council focuses on Veterinary Medicine, Shelter/Animal Welfare, and cat related industries. Cats are often seen incorrectly as self-reliant and not in need of the level of care, attention, and love that we give to dogs. Cats are incredibly social animals, but in a quieter, less obvious way than dogs. Learn to read the small signs that your cat loves you: Head-Butting - domestic and big cats rub heads as a sign of acknowledging and marking their friends and family. A Leg Rub also signals real affection. Both of these things are comforting for your kitty.The Slow Blink - if your cat stares at you and blinks slowly, then blinks again, you have just received the equivalent of a kiss! Blinking also says, “I trust you.” Purring - from a teakettle to a Mack Truck, a cat’s purrs signal contentment, and can also relax you, lower blood pressure, and slow down your heart rate. Pet your kitty and you will be healthier too. Being Near - sitting next to you on the desk or in your lap, following you, and jumping onto something to get near you are often seen as annoyances, when just the opposite is true. These are ways cats try to be near the one they love. Don’t scold - return the compliment. This page has some ideas to make September Happy Cat Month at your house!

September 22-28 is National Dog Week

📷📷📷📷 2019 marks the 91st anniversary of National Dog Week founded by Captain William Lewis Judy in 1928 who, as an author and publisher, established a new breed of dog writers. His goal -- to teach pet owners and communities about the responsibilities of owning a dog at a time when their primary existence was at the end of a chain in the backyard.  You can lavish your dog with treats and toys, but the best gift of all would be some extra time with you: play; go for a walk; share a movie and some plain, air-popped popcorn; go for a ride or to the dog park. The possibilities are endless and will make you even more of a hero in your dog’s eyes. For more of the fascinating story of the dog’s champion, Captain Judy, see this link.


📷📷📷📷 September has brought destruction to the Bahamas and our East Coast. If you would like to help animal rescue groups cope with the devastation from Hurricane Dorian, here are some choices: BEST FRIENDS “Best Friends Animal Society's disaster response team is working hard to transport dogs and cats out of shelters in the storm’s path and assist shelters with much-needed supplies and resources.” The ASPCA has been working with WINGS OF RESCUE to transport nearly 200 homeless animals to animal shelters well outside of the storm’s path. THE HUMANE SOCIETY OF GRAND BAHAMA: “A nearly 20-foot storm surge overwhelmed the Humane Society of Grand Bahama in Freeport on Monday night, causing destruction and flooding that killed 113 dogs and cats, executive director Tip Burrows told the Miami Herald. There were another 156 dogs and cats that survived the storm, but now the shelter has to find a new place for them.” WORLD CENTRAL KITCHEN: As well as feeding millions of disaster victims, chef José Andrés sends food to volunteers in damaged animal shelters.


ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL Holidays to share with your friends. SEPTEMBER      Happy Cat Month (The CATalyst Council)     National Service Dog Month     National Disaster Preparedness Month (FEMA, Citizen Corps,       Advertising Council)           09/01/19    Ginger Cat Appreciation Day           09/02/19    Labor Day           09/04/19    National Wildlife Day           09/08/19    National Pet Memorial Day (IAPC)           09/08/19    National Hug Your Hound Day           09/21/19    Puppy Mill Awareness Day           09/21/19    Responsible Dog Ownership Day           09/22-28/19 National Deaf Dog Awareness Week           09/22-28/19 National Dog week           09/26/19    Remember Me Thursday (Social media awareness day for shelter pets


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