Animal Harbor Data Collection

Basic Animal Data Matrix

This basic matrix was designed to serve as a tool for basic data collection. It is a simple matrix containing what many (including Asilomar, ASPCA, National Federation of Humane Societies, American Humane, UC Davis, Maddies Fund, PetSmart Charities, HSUS and Shelter Animals Count) have agreed are the minimum data points (along with definitions) an organization should gather. Whether organizations already gather a great deal of data or have only gathered the basics, this matrix should facilitate the roll up or merging of data at the local, regional or national level by providing a common framework. This matrix does not reflect any preference in data analysis or the calculation of rates but is rather simply a tool for data collection.

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Animal Harbor participates in the Shelter Animals Count national database project to track statistics on sheltered animals, providing facts and enabling insights that will save lives.