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Dog & Cat Pals


If you do not see a pet listed that is suitable for your needs, please know there are always more pets available that may be on medical hold or in transition.  It is always best to submit an adoption application and speak with our adoption coordinator directly when pursuing pet adoption. 

Pet Adoption at Animal Harbor 

Adopting a cat or dog is a major decision - one that affects you, your family and the animal. We are here to help you make the best match. At Animal Harbor, an adoption counselor will work with you to determine which pet suits your particular circumstances. Please keep in mind that there is an interview and adoption application that will require landlord approval and a veterinary reference check.  Additionally, because our mission is to spay and neuter to minimize unwanted litters and homeless animals, we require that current animals in the household are spayed and/or neutered before your adoption application is approved. 

All pets adopted from Animal Harbor are spayed or neutered and qualify for a free post-adoption wellness exam by local veterinarians.

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