Life Preserver Program

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We are very grateful for our recurring Life Preserver donors.

Champion Life Preservers


Southern Tennessee Cardiology- Dr. Mircea Basaraba

Anne Giles, Board Member Emeritus

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Herr

Marshall and Cindy La Plata

Baird Smith

Charles Wharton

Guardian Life Preservers


Dan and Carolyn Maher

Susan Walton

Hero Life Preservers


Sheldon and Billye Brown

Catherine Cavagnaro

Patricia Dover

Frank and Barbara Hart

Dr. Katherine Peters

Business Booster Life Preservers

Animal Care Center 

Citizen's Community Bank

Citizen's Tri-County Bank

Moore-Cortner Funeral Home

Southern TN Cardiology


Defender Life Preservers

Dr. Kimberly Bodner and Steven Bodner

Cecelia Brodioi

Ann and Doug Cameron

Larry and Barbara Carden

Carolyn Donaldson and Stella Hamilton

Joanne Davis, on behalf of the Winchester Dog Park

Laurie Fisher

Suzanne Greer

Glenn and Janet Liston

Deborah McCoy

Marcia Medford

Jennifer Niedergeses

Dr. Susan Ridyard

Dr. and Mrs. Damian Szewczyk

Chris Vinzant

Rescuer Life Preservers

Dr. William Engel

Grant and Carla Fletcher

John and Julia Gatta

Anne Griffin

Dr. Jennifer Michael and The Rev. James C. Pappas III

Roscoe Brown Heating and Air Conditioning, Lee Gill, Gen. Mgr. 

Gloria Stuart

     Caregiver Life Preservers

Joy Applebaum

Christin Carlson

Sharon Conroy

Charles Corwin

Warren and Rosemary Berg

Marci Dusseault

Pam Elliott

Dr. Nancy Goldberg and Dr. Harold Goldberg 

Chris and Dianna Ogden

Joe and Claudia Porter

Paula Reed

Susan Taylor

Dr. Peggy Thoits

Marie Tobitt and Tammie Tobitt

Billy and Diane Whitfield

Sheila and Jimmy Williams


Companion Life Preservers

Meg Beasley

Courtney Brown

Diana Brown

Gail Castle, Board President

Carolyn Davis

Tom and Rosemarie Finan

Kristina and Richard Gosling

Cynthia Hartman

Elizabeth Hensley

Mary Hutchins

Cathy Jackson

David and Cindy Janke, Board Members

Phyllis Larson, Board Member

Glenda Majors

Rae Marshall

Pamela and Jim Martin

Suzanne C. McDowell

Annwn Myers

Peggy Nunley

John Allen and Donna Pahmeyer

Dorthy Palmer

Tina and Larry Philpott

Cari Reynolds

Leslie Richardson

James Rollins

Ted Salmon

Mark Solomon

Jim and Deb Tucker

Sam Hatfield Realty

Kelly and Brian VanDenbergh

Ruth Yates

Harbor Helpers Life Preservers

Najeeb Ahmed

Margaret Bonds

David and Dottie Clancy

Ann Ewing

Robert Garth

Mike and Martha Grant

Richard and Susan Gross

Jere Matty

Bonnie Hettinger

Patricia Kirby

Kathy Malliton

Jere-Rose Matty

Lisa and Ronnie Prince

Kristie Austin Sanders

Cindy Sherrill

Ann Wiseman

Pamela Zimmerman


Donate Online

Our secure donation site lets you set up a recurring monthly donation, or a single yearly transaction.    Click the donate button below to set up payment.

(We regret that at this time we cannot set up automatic withdrawals from checking accounts, but you can use debit card). 

Donate by Mail

If you do not want to donate online, you may mail your check to PO Box 187, Winchester, TN 37398

Please indicate it is a Life Preserver gift.

How Your Support Helps the Animals


Provides full medical care for one dog or cat each month and allows us the ability to treat unexpected medical emergencies such as injuries and intensive surgeries. 


Provides a spay/neuter procedure for one dog or cat each month and allows us the ability to treat a dog for heartworm disease.


Provides one spay/neuter surgery each month and allows us to treat a cat for upper respiratory infection.

Business Booster-

 Helps pay for utility bills, cleaning and other shelter supplies, building maintenance, and upkeep of the property. Animal Harbor provides the Business Booster with marketing & advertising opportunities, and recognizes businesses which support and care about animal welfare and the quality of life for Franklin County residents.


Allows Animal Harbor to maintain a compassionate, skilled, and educated staff to provide care and rehabilitation for abandoned and abused animals, and operate a clean, calm, and happy shelter.


Allows Animal Harbor to provide regular transportation for animals to be placed in shelters in other parts of the country.  This frees kennel space, and allows us to rescue and re-home even more companion animals.


Provides the food, liter, treats, and other necessary day to day provisions and essential medicines needed for the animals living at the shelter while waiting to be adopted.


Allows the staff and volunteers of Animal Harbor to provide education which promotes responsible pet care, decreases animal cruelty, and prevents unwanted litters through the Spay/Neuter program. 

Harbor Helper-

Contributions from Harbor Helpers ensure that Animal Harbor has the ability to cover  unexpected expenses. Pledges also mean that our Pet Pantry can continue to help seniors and under-served residents keep their pets during difficult times.