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Need to Surrender a Pet?

Animal Harbor is a limited admissions, managed intake shelter.  We operate as a no-kill shelter. 


What does this mean? 

We manage our population of adoptable animals based on resources available (staff, space, care).


How long do I have to wait to get my pet into your shelter?

We do not euthanize for space, so this means that we must to have a healthy flow of animals going out of the shelter and into the shelter to maintain no-kill status.  We manage a waitlist for animals to come into the shelter, as we have resources available to house and properly care for them.  We do not overcrowd our shelter or put other animals in our care at risk. The wait for your pet to come into the shelter may be anywhere from one day to several months during an overpopulation crisis season. 

If you are able and willing to foster an animal until space is found, we will be able to work with you to utilize our services and get your pet into our adoption program, if the pet meets our intake criteria.

Please also consider reaching out to us to talk about what we can do to help you keep your pet/s in their home. 

If you need to surrender an animal immediately, and you are located in Franklin County, please contact Franklin County Animal Control.

If you are not in Franklin County and need to surrender your pet, please contact your local rescue or shelter.

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