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Reduced Rates for Spays and Neuters for Pets of Low-Income Residents

Animal Harbor has a spay/neuter assistance program (SNAP) for dogs and cats that belong to qualified low-income residents of Franklin County.  Surgeries will be performed at Animal Care Center, Midtown Veterinary Services and Hospital, and Town & Country Veterinary Hospital.  Pets must have a current rabies vaccination or their owners must pay the vet’s office for it.  Owner will also be required to pay for a flea treatment if the pet is infested on the day of surgery.  If the pet in in heat or pregnant, we will not pay the additional fee associated with that cost, so we recommend you wait until the heat cycle is completed before the spay operation.  Please contact the shelter for more information. 

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Our Low-Income sterilization assistance program is funded by grants obtained from various sources each year, including:

The Bissell Pet Foundation

and The John Templeton Foundation

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