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Lover, not a fighter

Monk was a recent adoption return, that unfortunately came back to the shelter in dire condition, both physically and mentally.  Monk lost the majority of his weight and love of life while being out of our care, and now it is time to get him on the road to recovery.  This will take high quality food, multiple skin allergy medications, and one on one behavior training. Can you help Monk's future by investing into him today?


*When donating, please use the drop down menu and choose option "In Honor of" and state Monk.   


Watching for my hero

Hi there,


My name is Justify and every day I watch out my lobby cat window, just waiting for my forever family to arrive.  I put my best face forward, wiggle my sweet white muzzle, but no one has found me to be their "cat's meow".  Well, not yet anyway...  I guess being one of the many other orange tabbbys at the shelter makes me somehow less attractive to the visitors.  My stay here has resulted in me growing up in a crowded shelter instead of with a loving family.  I know there are worse things, and I am thankful for a place to stay, but I would love a home to call my own.  If you are interested in helping, please consider paying towards my adoption fee, that way I can become adopted more quickly.

*When donating, please use the drop down menu and choose option "In Honor of" and state Justify.      


Aged, but mighty Estelle

My name is Estelle. I am a senior”ish”Pomeranian mix. I ended up at Animal Control when my owners said I was “eat up with cancer”, and that they could no longer care for me. I loved them my whole life, but somehow in my golden years they decided to neglect me. I probably wouldn’t be here today if someone didn’t see past the way I looked, or my ripe age- but lucky for me Animal Harbor did. They cared.

Fast forward to my vet appointment, no not my intended scheduled euthanasia, the Animal Harbor ladies patiently, yet anxiously waited with me in the exam room. Dr. Elise Prince came in, checked me out and looked me over. Listening to my heart she smiled and said, “heart sounds good". She started to perform my physical, and said my awful skin condition could be due to allergies, and that she would do x-rays to help rule out cancer. Not surprising to me, upon further investigation they found nothing wrong on the x-ray, and all my major organs looked good! So that must mean no cancer?

Well...what they did find were two small mammary tumors. The doctor explained to the girls that this is not a death sentence, and the small tumors can be easily removed to stop any progression of potential cancer. My skin must immediately be addressed with an allergy shot and several medications, along with medicated bathing. And boy was the feeling after that first bath amazing- as you can see in my photos!

I am thankful for the people of Animal Control that took me in, for if they weren’t there, then there is no telling where I would be. And a big thank you to those three ladies that decided that the diagnosis could be wrong, that every life matters, and little ol’ me deserved a second chance. I feel like life can only go up from here!

It is breast cancer awareness month, and I need these small mammary tumors removed and my skin cleared so I can find a forever home. If you could help fund my upcoming surgery and skin treatment, that would be great. Sending positive vibes, prayers, and love my way is also very welcome.



*When donating, please use the drop down menu and choose option "In Honor of" and state Estelle. 

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